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Alternative Loan Products!

Your life doesn’t fit inside a cookie cutter and neither should the loan program you go with. Our passion is customizing a program that’s right for you. We have programs that others don’t offer, even if you had a recent bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale. Hard time proving income on your tax returns? We have programs that will look at alternative proof of income, such as bank statements, or even no proof of income if you have sufficient assets.

How it Works

  • Designed for high net-worth borrowers with significant liquid assets:
    No income verification required
    For those with difficulty proving monthly and annual income
    Self-employed with a steady business and stable income
    Have a sizeable down-payment
    Are an entrepreneur with cash on hand
    Have a good FICO credit score
  • Verification of employment
    No tax return needed
    No 4506T needed
    First-time home-buyers qualify
    Can put at least 20% down on a home
    Have a complete verification of employment for a 2-year span of time
    You are a foreign national
  • Best for business owners
    Both fixed and adjustable rates are available
    Have difficulty proving income
    Are self-employed
    Have a 1099 with a business license
    Are backed with your tax preparer's letter or corporate paperwork
  • Financing for properties that generate income:
    Financing for residential rental properties with 1-4 units
    A variety of loan options to choose from
    Want to become a landlord
    Are buying a second home
  • Recover quickly from a financial hardship.
    Rates are fixed/no surprises
    Long-term loan options
    Are 1 day of out of bankruptcy
    Just had a foreclosure or short sale
    Have low or new credit
  • For quick loans, with no to little documentation required.
    Great for fix & flip
    Long-term loan options
    Customized terms
    Fast closings
    Residential - Commercial - Construction
    No Doc - Stated income/verified assets OK
    High debt ratios
    Not so perfect credit
  • Flexible financing for your future home
    Convenient financing for new construction
    Construction-to-permanent loan options
    Are building a new home to your specifications
    Are buying a lot for a future home

Working with Allied First Bank

    We put YOU first.
    Allied First Bank offers some of the most competitive rates in the Nation!
    Fast and efficient, we close most of our loans in 30 days or less.
    We offer a variety of loans. Allied First Bank will find you the loan that is right for you!!!

**Allied First Bank is not affiliated with or acting on behalf of or at the direction of FHA, VA, USDA or the Federal Government.

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